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Are you taking a vacation this spring?

Beach Miami Two People

Forty-two percent of college students and 36 percent of adults ages 25 to 34 plan to take a spring break trip this year, and they’re flexible on where to go, according to a CheapTickets.com survey. Most of them are willing to change their destination if it means saving money.

The survey also found:

  • Families avoid vacation spots geared towards college students – even though less than 10 percent of college students say they’re focused on partying over spring break.
  • 35 percent of college students receive financial support from their parents to pay for spring break.
  • The average budget for adults ages 25 to 34 is $995, a 14 percent decrease from 2016.
  • 55 percent of families plan to drive for spring break.

CheapTickets identified top destinations and ways to save for college students, adults ages 25 to 34, and families.

College students

For college students, traditional beach destinations, including Orlando, San Diego, and Myrtle Beach, continue to top the list of spring break hot spots that are less expensive. For the more active, Colorado is a favorite, with Denver and Colorado Springs topping the list as gateway cities to Colorado’s many ski destinations.



Average Daily Hotel Rate

Average Airfare






Orlando, Florida




San Diego, California




Myrtle Beach, South Carolina








Atlanta, Ga.




Seattle, Washington




Portland, Oregon








Denver, Colorado




Lake Tahoe, California




Colorado Springs, Colorado



  • College students have the lowest average budget of $684, a 28 percent decrease from last year.
  • 93 percent of college students and 90 percent of adults ages 25-34 would be willing to consider changing their destination if it meant saving money on spring break. 

Adults ages 25-34

This year, adults ages 25-34 are taking a non-traditional approach to spring break travel with more international destinations including Phuket, Thailand, and Tokyo as well as mountain vacations such Bozeman, Montana. For this group, when it comes to city trips, it’s all about tradeoffs. The reasonably priced airfare to domestic hubs of Las Vegas and Chicago allows this group of travelers to spend more on hotel accommodations.



Average Daily Hotel Rate

Average Airfare






Riviera Maya, Mexico




Phuket, Thailand




Puerto Vallarta, Mexico








Las Vegas, Nevada




Tokyo, Japan




Chicago, Illinois








Albuquerque, New Mexico




Flagstaff, Arizona




Bozeman, Montana



  • The average budget for adults ages 25-34 is $995, a 14 percent decrease from 2016.
  • The majority, 54 percent, of adults ages 25-34 are splitting the cost of spring break with a significant other.
  • Spending time with family and friends, relaxation, and outdoor activities are the top priorities for this group.


Families favor Florida and California for spring break because of the good weather. However, for some families, spring break isn’t only an opportunity to relax in the sun but also a chance to create memories through experiences. This year, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park rose to the top for families hoping to get outside and do some sightseeing.



Average Daily Hotel Rate

Average Airfare






Panama City, Florida




San Juan, Puerto Rico




Daytona Beach, Florida








Los Angeles, California




San Francisco, California




Rome, Italy








Grand Canyon, Arizona




Salt Lake City, Utah




Yosemite National Park, California




  • Families have the highest average budget of $1,436, a 2 percent increase from last year.
  • Nearly 80 percent of families avoid spring break destinations known to attract a college-age crowd.
  • The majority of families, 55 percent, say they plan to drive to their spring break destinations this year.
Copyright 2017, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist



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