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Baby boomer bloggers picking up the pace of celebrating summer before the hot weather fades away

Cecilia and RafaMy daughter and grandkids are here visiting from Spain. We are having a big time in the Seattle area enjoying camping, the mountains, beaches, and barbecues with friends.

However, I had a rude awakening this week. I wrote about back-to-school shopping. What? This summer fun is going to end and winter will return? Oh, no.

Tom Sightings of Sightings Over Sixty also is getting in as much summer fun as he can. He’s vacationing in Massachusetts and at “Glimpses of Cape Cad” and “Local Color” Sightings offers some savory scenes of the seashore, the salt air, and the sunny skies.

Summer fun for Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting includes the opportunity to celebrate and indulge in a favorite food. Although the date of the annual event may have passed by the time you read the article, the spirit of the day(s) can be enjoyed with a wonderful, albeit calorie-laden, meal after reading “Celebrating a Minor Feast Day.” Buon appetito. 

As the end of summer approaches, Laura Lee Carter of the Adventures of the New Old Farts has been enjoying the cool and occasionally rainy weather in Southern Colorado this week. She enjoys sharing photos of the ever changing clouds in her neighborhood, while also discussing whether Walsenburg, and its surrounding area, is a good place to retire.

As summer fades away, Carol Cassara of Heart·Mind·Soul reflects on starting a business a few months ago – at age 65. It wasn't until another entrepreneur pointed it out that Cassara realized she never told the story behind her business and how her late friend inspired her interest in supporting people challenged by grief or illness. Cassara claims "entrepreneurial amnesia" and rectifies matters in the article “Forest, Meet Trees.”

This is the best of Boomer Blogs #508. Be sure to click on the links above to read these articles by baby boomer bloggers. And, remember to leave a comment. Boomer Bloggers love to hear from readers.

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Carol A Cassara

I love this reminder that summer's still in full swing!

Joan Stommen

Cool seeing familiar and favorite blogs here! Summer is going strong in the Midwest! Neat way to shout out boomers!

Glenda Cates

Hello, and its nice to meet some baby boomers and it is hard to believe Summer is ending. Just 20 days till my son begins 4th grade. Have a great week.

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