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Happy Fourth of July

Flags Lots TogetherMy spirits are good this July Fourth because my daughter and grandchildren are here visiting from Spain. We have such fun on their summer visits.

However, I'm discouraged about the state of our nation. As a person who has worked for government, in good government groups, and as a journalist covering consumer issues, it's depressing to have a man like Donald Trump as the president of our great nation. Trump and his cronies are working to dismantle the institutions that have been developed to serve the American public. That they could recommend taking away the health coverage for 24 million Americans and slashing Medicaid is despicable. Then, there's abolishing environmental and consumer protection laws. Doing away with student loan forgiveness. The list goes on and on.

It's bad enough that Trump is following the traditional conservative Republican policies, he also has alt-right, short for alternative right, advisors, who promote "white identity."

Hopefully Trump's "rein" will be short lived. We can only hope as we celebrate the birth of this once great nation. Hope and work to oppose Trump's harmful policies.

Copyright 2017, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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I feel the same way today. I should feel good about the country's independence day and instead I feel nothing but fear and loathing for what that man is doing to us as a nation.


I agree about DT. Sad, sad...but don't think about politics and enjoy our family while they are around. Happy Fourth!

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