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How does the hot summer weather affect you?

BeachAs the hot summer days of July overwhelm, many of us respond by slowing down, says Meryl Baer, who lives on the East Coast in a beach community. “We lounge by the pool or the beach, savor cold drinks, and pass the hours enjoying a summer read.”

However, since I live in the Seattle area, I’m used to looking at clouds and wondering when the next sunny day will occur. We get a few days of 90 degrees and rarely 100 degrees throughout an entire summer.

However, I just visited my daughter in Sacramento. It was more than 100 degrees for most of the five-day my vacation.

It’s really, really hot at 100 degrees and higher. I mostly stayed inside where it’s air conditioned. However, we did venture out to see the sheep on the farm, look at the barn owls at dusk, go to the movie, buy groceries, and check the outside temperature in the evening when more than 40 people came for a birthday party.

Although I grew up in Central Washington where it’s very hot during the summer, I’ve lost my ability to withstand the heat after many decades in Western Washington.

In her report on summertime activities, Baer, who blogs at Six Decades and Counting, and another boomer blogger in our group are reading books. A third blogger responded to the first troll review she received on one of her books.

In addition, I’m not the only one in our group who is traveling. A fellow boomer blogger and his partner are vacationing in Cape Cod.

To read Baer’s report, the Best of Boomer Blogs #506, click here. You’ll find the links articles by writers in our blogging group. And be sure to join in the conversations. Boomer Bloggers love to hear from readers.

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