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Blackberry Pie From Berry PickingWhen my daughter was here a few weeks ago with her kids, she got all excited about finding a great blackberry patch when she was out running in my neighborhood. It reminded her of living in Seattle as a college student, picking and eating blackberries when she could find them.

It was the day before they were to go back to Madrid. She needed to pack, so after the kids had their lunch, G-Ma, that's what they call me, and the kids would head to the patch.

The only problem: It was terribly hot. The kids asked often, "Don't we have four cups now?" We kept picking and picking and sweating and sweating. Rafa asked, "Why can't we go to the store and buy some?"

Finally, we had enough blackberries. I quickly made the pie, finding out we'd picked seven or eight cups of berries.

The pie turned out beautifully and was enjoyed by all, even at 5 a.m. when we had to get up early to go to the airport.

Since I try not to eat sweets, diabetes runs in my family and my A1C is higher than I'd like it to be, I froze the three pieces of pie that were left when I got home from the airport. I ate one a week. I had the last one yesterday, pictured above with three scoops of chocolate ice cream. It was so good.

I'm writing about this because I'm getting ready to report on all the wonder vegetables in my garden. I just had my first of many bacon and tomato sandwiches. I also found a new eggplant recipe and made for the third time a zucchini au gratin recipe I discovered last year.

I love summer. So many great veggies...and fruit, too. I buy organic Rainier cherries every change I get. I enjoy nectarines, apricots, and peaches, too.

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