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'Emergency' call from Microsoft: It's the latest scam

Like you, I've received dozens of calls saying the caller is from "Windows" and my network is malfunctioning. Now, there's a new twist. I just received a recorded message saying it was "emergency call" from Microsoft because my licenses had expired and all Microsoft products were going to be shut... Read more →

Taking out a reverse mortgage can be an expensive way to get money while you wait for higher Social Security benefits

Older consumers taking out a reverse mortgage loan to get income while delaying Social Security benefits until a later age need to be careful. The costs and risks of taking out a reverse mortgage generally exceed the increase in Social Security lifetime benefits that homeowners would receive by delaying a... Read more →

Boomers ponder questions in hot summer sun

It’s sizzling in Southern Florida where Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting is grandsitting. Temperatures hover in the 90s with a heat value index around 104, Baer reports. When she walks outdoors, her glasses fog over, and stepping outside on the sidewalk with barefoot burns her feet. Baer says... Read more →

ATVs recalled by Kawasaki due to fire hazard

Kawasaki is recalling about 15,000 all-terrain vehicles. The fuel tap can leak, posing a fire hazard. Kawasaki has received 18 reports of fuel leakage from the fuel tap. No injuries have been reported. This recall involves 2013-2017 KFX50 and 2012-2017 KFX90 KawasakiATVs. The recalled ATVs have four wheels and seating... Read more →

Nearly half of students leaving college, trade school owe at least $20,000, double the amount 10 years ago

More than 40 percent of student loan borrowers leaving college or trade school owe at least $20,000, double the number of borrowers a decade ago. In addition, more borrowers are taking out student loans later in life, and fewer borrowers are paying down their student debt in five years. “The... Read more →

Uber settles FTC charges it failed to protect driver’s data and consumers’ privacy

Photo: Uber has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges it abandoned its promises to take reasonable steps to protect consumers’ personal information and to make sure that Uber employees only accessed consumer information for appropriate business purposes. The FTC’s lawsuit alleges that Uber’s failure to provide reasonable data... Read more →