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Car DingTuesday, I was having a pretty good day. I visited a friend, went to an acupuncture treatment, and stopped by Fred Meyer to return some organic blueberries and strawberries that were old and tasteless.

When I came out of Fred Meyer, I saw a ding in my car that looked like someone shot it with a BB gun. Yikes.

I took a few photos and went back into Fred Meyer to see what they'd do, if anything. No, the customer service representative said, someone else - she couldn't remember who - owns the parking lot. After looking in her file, then paging someone, she finally found the name of the owner of the parking lot, TIEG Properties.

No, they wouldn't do anything, said Shannon who answered the phone when I called TIEG Properties. Their insurance company wouldn't cover it, and it wouldn't do any good to file a claim to see because their deductible is $10,000, she said.

Since she was so rude and dismissive and I was frustrated, I said I'd file a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner's Office. I asked for the address of the company for the complaint. Shannon said I could find it in the public record.

Then, I decided to call the local police. If it was a BB gun, the police should know about it. An officer arrived quickly, which was nice. He thought it might be a ding from a grocery cart. He found a nearby cart and matched it up to the ding. It wasn't the right height. I found a smaller cart. Its edges didn't match up with the ding on my car either.

The officer said they'd keep an eye out anyone suspicious.

I don't think the ding was from another car. A handicapped spot was on the other side, and on that side, there was a big space for a cross walk. The next car was at least a parking space away.

Thinking it over, I should have asked to talk to the manager of Fred Meyer. If it was a BB gun shot, that's something the manager should know about.

One thing is sure, I won't be shopping at Fred Meyer anymore. I don't shop there regularly and only went last week to buy some sunglasses. Between the bad produce and my car getting damaged, my rating of Fred Meyer is zero.

Copyright 2017, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist





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