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Best places to celebrate Halloween 2017
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Happy Halloween

What’s new for Halloween this year? Do you love dressing up like a friend of mine does? Is a big Halloween party something you do every year? Whatever your plans, have a great and safe celebration.

Rita Miss Orondo 2

One of my favorite costumes was dressing up as Miss Orondo. Orondo is a rural center where I grew up in unincorporated Douglas County of Washington state. My beautiful gown was purchased when my niece had her clothing shop, Diva, in Bellingham, Washington.

Rita Halloween2

This butterfly costume is another favorite. A friend gave me the beautiful beaded top, then I easily added the butterfly wings and mask.

I don’t dress up much these days. Too busy writing and editing. Also, I don’t get many kids in my neighborhood.

Rita at Sue's Halloween's Party

This is one of my recent costumes. It’s a money-hat. Since I’m a consumer writer, it fits. Unfortunately, the money jacket wasn't the right size. I’ll need to keep looking for the matching jacket. Then I can wear them every Halloween.

On Halloween spending, the average American household will be spending $86 this year. Did you spend that much or less? I've spent less, just raisins for the few kids that show up. I don't get candy because I have trouble not eating any leftover candy.

Enjoy Halloween and be safe. Last year, nearly 5,000 people were injured in the two months around Halloween. Falls were the leading cause of injury. Be sure to adjust costumes so they fit well. Fires and lacerations also caused injuries.

Then, there’s what to do with leftover candy. See my article for tips.



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