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Men and women approach Black Friday differently, in some cases. Here’s what DealNews found when it did a survey of its readers:

  • 46 percent of men say they're shopping mostly for themselves on Black Friday. Compare that to 29 percent of women who say the same. This isn't a new trend — last year 44 percent of men and 26 percent of women said they'd shop for themselves.
  • 87 percent of survey respondents said they'd shop at Amazon. But the second most popular retailer for men is Best Buy, with 62 percent saying they'll shop there compared to 48 percent of women. Instead, Target was in the number two spot for women on Black Friday, with 64 percent of women, and 59 percent of men, saying they'd stop there.
  • This year, 97 percent of people said they'll shop online for the holiday. Some still plan to shop in-store — about 50 percent — and 30 percent are planning to shop their favorite stores using a mobile app.
  • Even though Black Friday has its dissenters, 91 percent of readers shopped the holiday last year and 92 percent plan to do so again this year. Consumers still have a lot of faith in the shopping holiday, even though 51 percent of those surveyed weren't satisfied with last year's deals.

For more details on how men and women shop on Black Friday, see “Men Are Shopping for Themselves on Black Friday.”


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