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November 06, 2017


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Tom Sightings

By all accounts, the vast majority of Americans wants some kind of reasonable gun control. I don't know how the NRA gets away with it.


Hi Tom,

Many members of Congress want the NRA money and, in addition, they want to be seen as conservative. They don't want to have the NRA and their opponents attack them with the slogan, he or she is going to take away your guns. It's so sad. These mass killings are just so awful.


Kathy @ SMART Living

Hi Rita! Good for you for speaking out so strongly about something that definitely needs changing in our country. I can't believe that so many people are sticking their heads in the sand about this issue. This is life and death--not politics! But unfortunately, the big money of the NRA is running the show. As you say we need to be vocal and LOUD about this! Thank you for your post. ~Kathy


At the very least get rid of assault rifles and devices to make guns rapid fire. No one needs those. Germany and Japan don't allow guns and are doing just fine.

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