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January 26, 2018


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"Don’t they care that they’re beating people down and the more they screw them the less money they’re going to have to spend?"

No, they don't. When a corporation becomes an international entity, one person in the US no longer matters.

Of course, US law prevents US citizens and residents into combining into larger groups that might have far more bargaining power. It's no surprise that unions have been demonized in the US or that it's become so much harder for workers to unionize and most white collar workers don't have unions they can join.

The race to the bottom continues. The US already trails other developed nations in life span, maternal mortality, birth mortality, etc. The DCCC ignores good candidates (reproductive choice, Medicare for all, etc.) in favor of those w/corporate donors. Time for at least 2 new parties in the US.


Hi Azure,

Laws in the United States don't prevent people from joining together for more bargaining power. However, consumers just don't do it. They identify with their producer interests rather than their consumer interests. Consumers are so influenced by advertising and getting and spending they don't act on their consumer interests. Just think how different things would be if we had strong consumer groups that would boycott the bad corporations. It would change the economy and the world.


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