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Enjoying the Olympics? It's a good time to multitask

Photo Albuma Newly OrganizedLike many people, I enjoy watching the Olympics. However, I've got too much to do to sit for hours in front of the television.

That's why I decided to get caught up on organizing my photos while watching the Olympics. It's worked very well. I organized all the albums in the photo. However, what I organized were the brochures, thank you letters, and tourist information such as which wineries we visited and what we tasted.

For 2015, I've ordered copies of my best photos and identified them on the back of the photos. For 2016 and 2017, I have to finish getting copies of my best photos into a digital file then have them printed out. I have the photos, probably 500, for 2015, but I need to put them in the archival sleeves. It's going to be a time-consuming task.

This would be a good stopping place for me now and make the switch to working on my taxes. However, tax preparation isn't nearly as much fun. I especially enjoyed looking at all the information I brought back from my Australian trip during my album organization.

Since I hurt my back, a compression fracture, I've been resting and recovering at home. Maybe since I'm taking it easy, I'll get more work done on my photos and get my taxes done as well.


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