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Baby boomers think about life and health as spring approaches

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Since I’m recovering from a compression fracture of one of my disks, I haven’t gotten out much in my yard yet. I did take a look Tuesday and pulled up about a dozen of those weeds that the seeds pop off of when they dry up. I also gingerly watered my three new arborvitaes, those tall thin evergreen trees that some people, including me, use to screen off their yards, using an empty quart yogurt container and making several trips.

However, it was too much. My back hurt. The good news from my doctor is that I should be able to work in my yard in June.

Since I’ve been inside so much, I have been able to accomplish something important. My income taxes are done. Take a look at my article on the methods I’ve used for preparing my taxes through the years and scams that could be coming your way as the deadline for filing tax returns, April 17, approaches.

Here are articles by our boomer bloggers as spring approaches:

Keeping on track with your goals by checking your progress regularly is a sure way to achieve what you want in life. However, Sue Loncaric from Sizzling Towards 60 had never thought to equate progress tracking with a New Moon, until she was introduced to her guest writer this week. Check out why the New Moon is the perfect time for fresh starts or taking stock of your goals.

Jennifer Koshak of Unfold and Begin tells us none of us have just one act. As we go through life, we change and adjust our “sails” as needed. Jimmy Dean is an example of someone who adjusted his sails several times. While our children and grandchildren might only associate Jimmy Dean with sausage, we remember that he used to be a singer and actor. What adjustments have you made to your sails?

Rebecca Olkowski of, inspired by the Parkland students, goes back to high school to look at some of the classes we took that made us the baby boomers we are today. She’s also glad she took that semester of typing class.

Laura Lee Carter has spent the past week telling everyone who will listen why she loves living in rural southern Colorado, and why she decided to move there. Go to The Adventures of the New Old Farts' "Why We Decided to Stay in Colorado for Retirement" to learn more.

Tom Sightings of Sightings Over Sixty tells us that he's scheduled for a certain physical test – one that shall remain unnamed – which got him thinking about his health. So perhaps you, too, should check out some health-related issues and make an appointment to visit his post “A Few Reminders About Your Health."

On Six Decades and Counting, Meryl Baer wants to be young again, but not this time to avoid aches, pains, and wrinkles. She wants to be one young people demonstrating for gun control and have the energy, foresight, and idealism to believe people working together can change the world.

These articles make up the Best of Boomer Blogs #538. Be sure to visit these boomer blogs and leave a comment. Boomer bloggers love to hear from readers.


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Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

Oh I do hope your back improves. I suffer from a bad back although at the moment it is behaving itself, so I fully understand your pain. thanks for putting this together. As usual there are some great reads here!

Laura Lee Carter

Great job Rita! Thanks for your good work in spite of your back pain.


But ... it could be that doing your taxes is what caused the compression fracture of your disc.


Thanks for your well wishes, boomer friends. Fortunately, I'm much better. I had excruciating pain, but now I'm just sore sometimes, so it's a great improvement.

Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

Thanks, Rita. Wonderful posts and so important.

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