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March 27, 2018


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It's also helpful to read the privacy conditions, or conditions of use for any app or free software you're thinking of downloading. For example, What's App's "privacy" or "use" conditions (What's App is owned by Facebook)states that it collects all of your contacts information. Without of course, seeking permission from your contacts themselves. Oh well.

Many apps explicitly state (if you look for a link to that information) that the apps will access much of any information stored on your mobile. I don't use my phone for much more then texting, but many use them for banking, store boarding passes, etc., on them, etc. That's alot of data that's made accessible to an app, some of that information, like credit card and bank account#s, most people might prefer to keep private. Oh well.

It's not only that large corporations are negligent in maintaining security of the confidential information they collect or REQUIRE from people, it's people who somehow assume that others have any reasons to protect their privacy rather then profit from sale of any and all data about a person that can be obtained.

Just like so many of the people who talk on cellphones in public places seem to believe that a cone of privacy and silence descends over them--called other people respecting their privacy and becoming selectively deaf--so that's it fine for the talkers to talk & talk & talk. I've heard people mention bank account#s, etc.


Hi Azure,

I didn't know Whatsapp collects all of your contacts' information. I normally don't use any apps that do that. It's a good thing to watch out and reject apps that want your contacts' information.

Yes, it's amazing that people talk and talk and talk on their cell phones in public. I've written about how bothersome it is:


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