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Where are the cities where consumers have the highest and lowest credit card scores?

A credit score is a representation of your financial habits. It’s designed to predict risk, the likelihood that you’ll become seriously delinquent on your credit obligations in the 24 months after scoring.

How are the consumers in your community doing managing their finances? WalletHub compared the median credit scores of residents in 2,572 U.S. cities to provide this information.

Here’s a listing of cities at the top and bottom of the ranking:

Cities in the top percentile


Cities in the bottom percentile

The Villages, Florida: 807


Opa-locka, Florida: 572

Sun City Center, Florida: 789


Florence, South Carolina: 570

Sun City West, Arizona: 787


Union City, Georgia: 569

Green Valley, Arizona: 781


Riverdale, Georgia: 569

Saratoga, California: 780


Pontiac, Michigan: 567

Los Altos, California: 779


Suitland, Maryland: 566

Lexington, Massachusetts: 778


College Park, Georgia: 564

Estero, Florida: 778


Darlington, South Carolina: 561

Laguna Woods, California: 777


East Chicago, Indiana: 560

Pittsford, New York: 773


East Orange, New Jersey: 559

Potomac, Maryland: 772


New Brunswick, New Jersey: 557

Wilmette, Illinois: 772


Gary, Indiana: 555

Winchester, Massachusetts: 772


West Memphis, Arizona: 554

Oro Valley, Arizona: 772


Forest Park, Georgia: 553

Lafayette, California: 771


Inkster, Michigan: 553

Cupertino, California: 771


Detroit, Michigan: 552

Needham, Massachusetts: 770


Chester, Pennsylvania: 552

Gibsonia, Pennsylvania: 770


Harvey, Illinois: 552

San Carlos, California: 770


East St. Louis, Illinois: 546

Leawood, Kansas: 769


Camden, New Jersey: 541

For the report and to see where your city ranks, see “2018's Cities with the Highest and Lowest Credit Scores.”


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Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

I would imagine that those of us in Los Angeles that got hit by the real estate crisis have some credit issues to deal with.


Credit "stores"? You might want to correct the type of the title of your post.


Hi Rebecca,

Yes, millions of Americans are still trying to get over the setbacks that occurred during the Great Recession.


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