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Easter offers the opportunity to remember church and Easter experiences with family
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Best wishes on Easter Sunday and April Fools’ Day

Rita in Ireland ChurchIt’s unusual to have Easter Sunday and April Fools’ Day on the same day.

It hasn’t occurred since 1956, and it won’t happen again for quite a while. Easter Sunday and April Fools' Day on the same day will next fall on April 1 in 2029, and then again in 2040.

Last week, my sister and I went to a Methodist church on Palm Sunday. It brought back so many memories of Easter Sundays with my parents. I miss them, especially my mom who was so good at dressing up her three daughters and taking them to church.

Today, I’m going to go to church, then I’ll stop by the capital and take some photos of the cherry blossoms. We had such a glorious day Saturday, I hope to enjoy spring today, too. However, rain is predicted

I really don’t do April Fools’ jokes much anymore. I have done a few good ones in my day, however. Once I told a colleague the deadline for our publication had been moved up, and we’d have to work evenings all week. April fools. She really fell for it.

I read on Facebook that one family put paperclips and other funny items inside the plastic Easter eggs instead of candy. I wonder how that will go over.

I hope that you have a nice celebration for Easter Sunday and will be able to get together with family and friends.

And, watch out for those April Fools’ Day jokes, even on social media. I saw one where a state wildlife department was pictured releasing a kangaroo as part of a program to release kangaroos in the state. Some people fell for it.


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