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May 17, 2018


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Of course bigAg will get what it wants. BigAg would like GMO foods to be able to fall into the organic category. Maybe not roundup ready, etal products, but anything else, golden rice, etc.

Given who's in the WH & therefore who he's appointed to head federal agencies, what else would anyone expect?

Terrump's alleged "populism" has never been more then a facade.


Hi Azure,

You're right. It's very discouraging how the Trump administration is appointing agency heads who are dismantling public policies that benefit consumers. Changing GMO icons into "biologically engineered" cute "BE" stickers is terrible. My advice? Buy organic.


Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski

The Trump administration is deregulating everything that has to do with consumer and environmental safety all in the name of money. The sooner they are out, the better. Everyone's vote counts.


Hi Rebecca,

You are so right. Trump lied when he said he'd help ordinary citizens. It's the rich and wealthy, including his own businesses that he wants to help. These label changes could effect people's health. The changes being proposed to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will harm their pocketbook.


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