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May 19, 2018


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Tom Sightings

We're very aware of our plastic use. B takes her reusable bags to the grocery store, and I've given up buying water in plastic bottles. However, out here in the Midwest the concept of recycling seems to be a strange one. It's hard to find a recycling bin. And yesterday when I went to the grocery store the guy was wrapping every little thing in its own plastic bag. I had to beat him off with his bags, just so I could place my four little items in one container.


Hi Tom,

Good for you and B. Many cities, including Seattle, in Washington state ban single-use plastic bags, so that will be good when you get out here.

After I saw the photos in Facebook of so much plastic garbage in the ocean and in rivers, it upped my awareness about plastic use. So many items are packaged in plastic now, and that kind of plastic isn't recyclable. I'm concerned that that isn't going to change and that we'll be recycling less since it seems China has quit taking our recycled plastic.


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