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November 08, 2018


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Thanks for this post. We all need to put more pressure on our legislators ... I just don't understand how anyone could not follow Gabby Giffords on this issue


Hi Tom,

I agree. I decided that each time these mass killings occur, I'm going to write about them. Some states are passing responsible gun measures, such as the one approved in Washington state Nov. 6.

However, members of Congress are negligent in not stopping this terrible violence. Did you know that President Trump signed a bill that overturns a law passed under President Obama that made it illegal for mentally ill people to own guns? It's outrageous.

States, although making some progress, need to do much more. In Washington state, we have open carry. I've gone to our state capitol building several times and seen men with long guns at rallies. This has got to stop. As the Republicans took over more state legislatures, more and more laws like open carry were passed.

For this article, I used the clip about Initiative 1639 instead of a clip about the massacre at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oakes, California. Next time, I going to use a news clip of the mass killing. It's horrible that I'm saying next time. The only question is how long before the next massacre occurs. It's terrible that I have to say this in America today.


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