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Best wishes on Election Day to us all
Another mass killing: Let’s do something about responsible gun legislation

What is it that people don’t get about 80,000 more people dying each decade under Trump’s policies?

Although the Democrats taking over the U.S. House of Representatives is a good step, I was appalled the Republican party increased its majority in the Senate and won governorships in Tuesday’s election.

It’s disgusting that Trump’s anti-immigrant propaganda is so overwhelming that the public doesn’t get it that he and his cronies are destroying the consumer, clean water, and clean air policies that protect us.

Each decade 80,000 extra people will die due to Trump’s environmental agenda, according to two Harvard researchers.

These extra deaths will affect us all – our husbands, our wives, our children, our babies, and our friends. It’s agonizing watching someone die from chemically induced cancer. My father, a farmer, died of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is linked to pesticide exposure. It was horrible to watch him get more frail and die.

Maybe Americans were tricked by Trump in 2016. Maybe they didn’t know he was evil. But, now we know. He’s made racist, sexist, and anti-immigrant comments – all which should have resulted in Republicans being kicked to the curb big time on Tuesday.

In addition, he encourages people to use violence against others.

Trump said that the U.S. troops he dispatched to the U.S.-Mexico border could fire on someone in the migrant caravan if the person threw rocks at them.

The Nigerian Army used the words of President Trump to justify its fatal shootings of rock-throwing protesters, according to a New York Times article. The army posted a video showing Trump’s speech in which he said rocks would be considered firearms if thrown toward the American military at the nation’s borders.

Trump’s comments urging violence against the press and protesters at his rallies also are reprehensible.

Then, Wednesday, Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, who was Session’s chief of staff, will oversee the Mueller investigation instead of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

What next? I was hoping Robert Mueller would finally announce his findings on the Trump administration’s alleged collusion with the Russian government on his 2016 election. But, no. We’ll have to keep waiting.

It would be easy to just hold your head in your hands at the turmoil Trump has wrought upon this nation, but we need to keep fighting. What can consumers do? Find some way to get the truth out to the public about Trump’s corrupt policies. Resist, resist, resist.

I plan to keep writing about Trump’s atrocious policies. Hopefully, if Muller doesn’t put an end to Trump, the nation will wake up and we’ll get rid of him in 2020.

I used to be a proud American. I’m not anymore. I just don’t know how people can support a racist bigot in our presidency.

Copyright 2018, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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