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Charter Communication agrees to record settlement for fraud in its internet services

Charter Communications and Spectrum Management Holding Co. have agreed to pay $174.2 million for defrauding internet subscribers. About $62.5 million of the funds will go to refunds for consumers, making it, regulators say, the largest-ever payout to consumers by an internet service provider, or ISP, in U.S. history. Charter Communications... Read more →

Trump Foundation to dissolve under court supervision amid charges Trump used its funds illegally for his political, business interests

The Trump Foundation has agreed Tuesday to dissolve under judicial supervision, with review and approval by the New York Attorney General’s Office of proposed charities to receive the foundation’s remaining assets. This agreement follows the court decision last month allowing a lawsuit by the New York agency against the Trump... Read more →

Five companies settle charges that they had mobile apps that didn’t keep sensitive user information secure

Five companies settled charges Friday that their mobile apps failed to keep sensitive user information secure when transmitted over the Internet. The mobile apps of Western Union Financial Services,, Equifax Consumer Services, Spark Networks, and Credit Sesame had a security problem that could have allowed sensitive information entered by... Read more →

Baby boomers, the holidays, and thoughts for December

Do you, your partner, or a family member have a birthday in December? Rebecca Olkowski of Baby Boomster’s birthday was Sunday, and it was a big day in many ways because she turned 65. Olkowski reports as a December baby, she’s used to sharing her birthday with all the holiday... Read more →

Rice ramen noodle soup cups are being recalled by Lotus Foods due to fire and burn hazards

Lotus Foods is recalling about 239,000 rice ramen noodle soup cups. The paper soup cup’s labeling incorrectly instructs consumers to use the microwave for cooking, which may cause fires and burns. Lotus Foods has received 12 reports of the soup cups becoming extremely hot and/or sparking or catching fire during... Read more →

Toxic fluorinated chemicals found in cosmetics, study shows

Toxic fluorinated, or PFAS, chemicals were found in high levels in nearly one-third of the cosmetics products tested, according to a study from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Some of the PFAS concentrations detected “exceeded” limits that will soon be in place under the European Union’s chemical regulatory program. PFAS... Read more →

Three days left to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act

Open Enrollment for 2019 Marketplace insurance ends Saturday, December 15. This means you have only three days to enroll in, re-enroll in, or change a 2019 Marketplace plan. The Trump administration, which is opposed to anything enacted under President Obama, shortened the enrollment period from 90 days to 45. However,... Read more →

Trump: The ‘Make America Great Again’ president wants dirty water and air

It was depressing to wake up this morning and read a news article on how President Trump is proposing changes to clean water laws that will benefit polluters. I hope states, local governments, and environmental organizations will step up and fight Trump’s proposal. The Trump administration released its plan Tuesday... Read more →

Boomers cope as the holidays are upon us

The holiday season is here. My daughter and I have been shopping and we’re planning the Christmas Eve dinner. We’ll be having roast beef again, my son-in-law’s favorite, and making pumpkin and chocolate cream pie. The twins, now teens, like pie – finally. In years past, we’ve made birthday cake-style... Read more →