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January 09, 2019


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Grover Norquist must be SO HAPPY. As must be Ryan and McConnell who seem to think that other then subsidizing defense contractors and paying their compensation packages, "gov't" has no function.

It was revealing to hear Terrump's statement that all federal employees could "manage to get along" for months & months of no pay. Or maybe he & Norquist and the others hope many federal employees will quit or retire, thus making it harder for agencies to fulfill their purposes/goals. Making it SOOO much easier for right wing GOPers to say: see, gov't doesn't work (while privatization always does despite the many failures of privatization, most recently in managing military housing, et al). Already happened w/SSA which has been underfunded for at least 15 years.

But mostly, Terrump's comment shows a stunning ignorance of how many in the US live, as well as a complete lack of compassion or empathy. None of which flaws seem to matter to his supporters.


Hi azure,

Yes, President Trump's comments demeaning federal employees are uncalled for. He also said the government shutdown didn't matter because most federal employees are Democrats. That's not true -- just another one of Trump's lies.


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