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Consumer Reports no longer recommends Dyson stick vacuums, Hoover uprights, and some models of three brands of printers due to reliability issues

Consumer Reports is no longer able to recommend Dyson stick vacuums and Hoover upright vacuums after Consumer Reports’ latest research shows that those vacuums have poor reliability, when compared to similar products from other brands. Some printers from Epson, Samsung, and HP also lost their recommendations due to issues with reliability.

Consumer Reports, a nonprofit consumer testing and advocacy organization, evaluates a variety of factors for every product it rates. Consumer Reports incorporates into one Overall Score the results of performance testing with data about product reliability and owner satisfaction collected through surveys of Consumer Reports’ members in a number of product categories.

As a result, Dyson stick vacuums and 11 out of 17 upright vacuums brands – including Hoover, Bissell, and Eureka – can no longer be recommended by Consumer Reports. The most common problems with non-robotic vacuums include belts breaking, batteries dying, and weak or broken suction, according to feedback from Consumer Reports members.

In addition, 14 printers are no longer recommended by Consumer Reports due to issues with product reliability. They’re Epson all-in-one and single-function inkjet printers, HP single-function inkjet printers, and Samsung regular color laser printers and all-in-one color laser printers. There are other products that perform well in these categories, said Liam McCormack, vice president of research, testing, and insights at Consumer Reports.

“Consumers today expect their products to last longer,” said McCormack. “That’s why we’re including reliability in our overall score for many product categories.”

Changes in recommendation don’t guarantee consumers will have a problem with a product nor does it mean the product is bad, McCormack said. “However, consumers are more likely to have a hassle-free experience if they have products from brands CR recommends and deems reliable.“

On printers, Consumer Reports’ members report problems with printer jams, ink or toner cartridges needing to be replaced too often, and lost network connections.

For more information, visit ConsumerReports.org.

Copyright 2019, Rita R. Robison, Consumer Specialist


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Tom at Sightings

Now you tell me! We just got one for Christmas. Well, it works so far. Two months and counting ...


Hi Tom,

Maybe it will last for a few years.



Not sure why, but in general product reliability is going down year after year, even customer mindset also changed a lot.

Now most of us looking for cheaper products instead of reliable one which lasts for years.


Hi Sheri,

During the 1960s, I read articles about planned obsolescence. Maybe that's happening again now.

The Hoover vacuum cleaner has had a good reputation for decades, and Epson and HP were popular.



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