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Vizio, Element, RCA, and Hisense TVs get low marks from Consumer Reports, while Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and Google cell phones receive praise

Vizio, Element, RCA, and Hisense are no longer being recommended by Consumer Reports due to new information that shows that those brands have lower reliability compared to other TV manufacturers. In addition, survey data from the testing organization also showed that smartphones by Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and Google are among... Read more →

Why hasn’t more been done to protect women from harmful breast implants?

It’s been in the news for decades. Women suffering serious health effects from breast implants. Why haven’t they been outlawed? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration needs to require extensive pre-approval testing of permanent implantable devices, including breast implants, Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group, said Wednesday. Breast implants have... Read more →

Portable generators are being recalled by American Honda due to fire and burn hazard

American Honda is recalling about 200,000 portable generators. They can leak gasoline from the fuel valve, posing fire and burn hazards. Honda has received 19 reports of fuel leaking from the fuel valve. No injuries have been reported. This recall involves Honda EU2200i, EU2200i companion, and EB2200i portable generators. The... Read more →

Lists of fruits and vegetables with the most and least pesticides for 2019

Kale has higher pesticide residues than nearly all other produce found on supermarket shelves, according to the Environmental Working Group’s 2019 Dirty Dozen. The EWG releases the Dirty Dozen as part of its annual Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce. It analyzes U.S. Department of Agriculture test data to identify... Read more →

Fewer children’s products recalled in 2018, study shows

The number of children’s products and the total number of those products recalled in 2018 by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission declined more than in any year in the last decade, according to a report by Kids In Danger, a children’s safety advocacy organization. The report reviews 2018 recall... Read more →

Jury finds Roundup caused groundskeeper’s cancer

A California jury found in favor of a man who said his cancer was caused by exposure Roundup, a weed killer. The verdict on Tuesday is further evidence that glyphosate, the herbicide’s active ingredient, is carcinogenic to humans, said Environmental Working Group President Ken Cook. The jury agreed with evidence... Read more →

Batteries for notebook computers and mobile workstations being recalled by HP due to fire and burn hazards

HP is recalling about 78,500 lithium-ion batteries for HP commercial notebook computers and mobile workstations. In addition 50,000 of the batteries were previously recalled in the United States in January 2018. The lithium-ion batteries can overheat, posing fire and burn hazards. HP has received eight new reports of battery packs... Read more →