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April 09, 2019


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Unless it's organically grown (and expensive), cotton is a very high pesticide use crop, often GMO and water-consumptive. Yet it's still grown in California, despite lengthy drought. While I like cotton fabrics, the environmental costs are probably similar to those of rayon, unless it's organically grown--and then it'll be quite expensive.


Hi azure,

Well, it's certainly a dilemma. I'm allergic to wool, and I can't wear second-hand clothes because most of them are dry cleaned and/or have been doused with perfume.

I wear my clothes until they're worn out so I'm not buying new clothes all the time. However, I certainly learned my lesson about not reading the clothing tags and getting a bunch of new clothes made out of rayon.




I'm allergic to wool as well, have been since I was 18-19 years old. It's made finding certain types of clothing difficult. I've tried to avoid drycleaning for years for environmental reasons. You've probably read about less toxic forms of dry cleaning-- unfortunately there are none in my area to try.

Through experimentation I've learned that some clothing w/some rayon can be washed (delicate cycle, cold), ditto for clothing a % of linen or silk. Have also read of a "washable silk."


Hi azure,

I didn't know about dry cleaning with carbon dioxide. I'll see if we have any of these dry cleaners where I live.

I went shopping for pants again today and noticed that most of the rayon ones were machine washable and line dry.

You might be able to get away with washing on a gentle cycle, but I don't think drying rayon in the dryer is a good idea unless the tag says so.


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