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Appeals court decides in favor of student loan borrowers

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit issued an unanimous decision Thursday that opens the door for student loan borrowers to sue their servicer when they’re misled or mistreated. The three-judge panel ruled in the case Nelson v. Great Lakes Education Loan Services Inc. that federal law doesn’t... Read more →

Cancer warning on alcohol requested by consumer, health groups

The Consumer Federation of America joined other consumer and public health groups Wednesday in calling for a warning statement on alcoholic beverages to increase consumer awareness of the link between alcohol and cancer. The groups asked the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to undertake... Read more →

How to select the best health insurance policy to meet your needs

When you’re hired by a company, it’s likely that you’ll be able to get health insurance through your employer. In America, 58 percent of people get their health insurance this way. If your employer doesn’t offer health insurance or if you’re self-employed or do contract work, you can get health... Read more →

Recreational off-highway vehicles recalled by American Honda due to crash and injury hazards

Honda is recalling about 82,000 recreational off-highway vehicles. The throttle pedal can stick in the open position, posing crash and injury hazards. The firm has received 15 reports of the throttle pedal sticking in the open position, including six crashes, resulting in a report of a concussion and a broken... Read more →

Where are baby boomer living now?

By Florentina Sarac, Guest Blogger Researcher for RENTCafé As a generation that values individual choice and can easily adapt to change, baby boomers are known to favor certain parts of the country when it comes to retiring. No longer tied to a particular city, many prefer to pack up their... Read more →

Secret slush funds for legal fees in the Trump administration need regulating, consumer group says

The Office of Government Ethics needs to issue rules governing the recent proliferation of legal expense funds within the executive branch, Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy organization, said. The funds are set up by government officials in legal trouble to raise money from private sources to help pay for legal... Read more →

Doctor’s book, ‘Elderhood,” offers important insights on aging today

When I was returning from a trip to Bellingham Monday to help my older sister, I listened to a program on Fresh Air, a National Public Radio program, about why new ways of thinking about medical problems in elders need to be considered. It really struck a chord with me,... Read more →

Baby boomers dive into summer with topics ranging from sex to hearing aids

It’s summer, with some areas of the country roasting while we in the Seattle area are keeping our cool – mostly. Here are the topics for this week’s Best of Boomer Blogs: How anxiety attacks are sending you a message. How traveling is a lot like sex. Report on the... Read more →