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August 07, 2019


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Wow. And not a single one of those options sounds appetizing.


Hi Jennifer,

I agree. Most aren't appealing. However, if I went to the Cheesecake Factory with my family, I'd try the cinnamon roll pancakes, but would split it with someone. My goal daily is not to eat sugary food, but once in a while I have a sugar treat, including homemade peach pie during the summer.



In California, chain restaurants have to post their calorie counts and it's so alarming. What you thought was a healthy salad takes up your entire day's budget. I love Maggianno's but taking home an extra dinner usually lasts for a week of meals.


Hi Rebecca,

I don't know why chain restaurants keep serving such huge meals. The calorie posting requirement is now nationwide.

Some local restaurants are also serving huge meals. I recently went with my daughter, who was visiting from Madrid, to a Thai restaurant I hadn't been to in a couple of years. The servings were huge, including for rice, which was half to twice as big as the usual bowl of white rice you get at a Thai or Chinese restaurant.



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