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August 20, 2019


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That's kind of alarming. Something to think about for sure.


Hi Rebecca,

Not much research has been done yet about the amount of microplastic in people's bodies. One study estimated it's about the size of a credit card during a year's time.

That is alarming.

Corporations should have used high quality plastic that consumers paid a deposit for, then got it back when they returned the container. That was done for bottles of soda years ago. The bottling industry hated it and was able to kill it in most states.

This is just another example of how businesses and corporations don't care about consumers or the environment, but just do the cheapest thing so they can make more profits.


Carol Cassara

I am sure most people do not get this.


Hi Carol,

Don't get what? That small bits of plastic come off of containers or are in the fish and other items that we eat? That tiny bits of plastic are everywhere even in rainwater in remote areas?

I assume most people have seen photos on the internet of animals, including large fish, filled with plastic particles. The same thing is happening to humans, although the particles are very tiny microplastics.


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