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August 2019

Bloggers contemplate life’s problems

It’s still a beautiful summer, but hints are beginning to appear that fall and winter will again appear. Meanwhile, bloggers are continuing to write helpful, insightful articles about the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, retirement moves, exercise, travel to Scotland, and blogging resources. Read more →

Vinyl covers for motorized awnings are being recalled by SunSetter after one death reported

SunSetter is recalling about 270,000 vinyl covers for motorized awnings in the U.S. and about 11,000 in Canada. If an awning is activated while the cover is secured with bungee tie-downs then the cover is removed, the awning can open unexpectedly with enough force to strike a consumer. Read more →

Algae contaminating the nations lakes, rivers, but little is being done to protect the public, environmental group says

Federal and state tests have found dangerous toxins, common in outbreaks of blue-green algae, in hundreds of lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water nationwide. However, little is being done to notify and protect Americans, according to the Environmental Working Group. Read more →

Broker in pension scam, who settles with CFPB and Arkansas, unable to pay most of repayment to consumers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office filed a proposed settlement Wednesday with a securities broker for allegedly misrepresenting high-interest loans to veterans and other consumers in exchange for future rights to their pensions. Read more →

Routers vary in their ability to protect consumers from hackers, Consumer Reports finds

Consumer Reports has announced the first privacy and security ratings since the launch of its Digital Lab, which works on digital consumer protection. It tested 29 routers and found differences in how routers – even those from the same brand – protect consumers. Read more →

Eddie Bauer and Disney inclined sleepers recalled by Dorel Juvenile Group USA due to infant deaths in other inclined sleepers

Dorel Juvenile Group USA is recalling about 24,000 inclined sleepers sold under the Eddie Bauer and Disney brands. Infant deaths have occurred with other inclined sleepers, after the infants rolled from their back to their stomach or side while unrestrained, or under other circumstances. Read more →