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Computer Cell Phone With Person's Hands Typing on ComputerAs consumers spend more time online and on their devices, they accumulate digital assets. Digital asset are something of value or significance created online or on a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. 

As consumers age, they may want to consider transferring their digital assets to someone else. They might also want to include something related to their financial life that they may need to refer to later. Examples of digital assets could include the funds in a PayPal account or the downloadable PDF for a yearly tax filing from online tax preparation software.  

Here are tips from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s blog to help you create a plan for your digital assets:

  1. Take an inventory. List and describe each digital asset. Note those that have a named beneficiary and those that you’d like to transfer to someone else. Record website addresses or URLs used to access accounts and usernames, passwords, secret questions, PINs, or other information you use to log in. Write it up in a document or type it up if your handwriting is bad. 
  2. Use a password to protect the inventory you’re created or use a paid password management system to keep it secure, since the document will include sensitive private data. Consider saving a printed hard copy in a locked fireproof box. Make sure you print a new copy each time you update the document. 
  3. Consider including your digital assets in your estate planning. Since website terms and conditions vary, it isn’t always enough to give your spouse or loved one this information and tell them verbally to use it when needed. If you have a will, contact your attorney for advice on how to include information about your digital assets in your final wishes. 
  4. Consider creating a will if you don’t have one, and include instructions for what to do with your digital assets. Take note of any documents, photos, videos, or audio files that you’d like your loved ones to have access to. Consider allowing them to access those digital assets now or let them know how to access the files if you die or become incapacitated. At a minimum, write up, sign, and date your wishes for your spouse to have access to the digital inventory you created and keep it on file.


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Rebecca Olkowski

I hadn't even thought about that before but will keep it in mind. Website owners who receive passive money from affiliate income can be transferred to someone else.

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