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Even light to moderate alcohol consumption is associated with elevated cancer risks, study shows
Americans resolving to pay off debts and save money in 2020, survey shows

Yes, boomers are doing O.K.

Hippie Van From the 1960s-780804_1280

Carol Cassara of A Healing Spirit is still a Beatles fan, and, all these years later when she hears one of their songs, she’s instantly transported back to the 1960s. An image of a van, like the one in the photo, which was popular at the time, does the same thing. She just goes there.

Cassara also thinks about the 1960s when she reads posts by her favorite boomer bloggers. Some of their latest articles include:

  • The most memorable Christmas.
  • How to make Polish Sauerkraut Soup.
  • The top three challenges to expect from “gray” divorce, divorce when couples are age 50 and older.
  • A narrow escape on the freeway when a box truck veered off the highway toward the center median, then careened back onto it.
  • How to plan goals for 2020 and beyond.
  • The new, frozen Asian desserts.

Cassara writes about these articles in the Best of Boomer Blogs #627. Click here to get the links to the articles. And, be sure to join in the conversations. Boomer bloggers appreciate hearing from readers. It makes their day.


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Melissa Arres

I like Beatles songs, too.

angella lika

I like to review movies from the 60s and 70s. These are such nice and kind movies. I connected the IPTV at home using the mag box wholesale It gives me the opportunity to watch different movies online without being tied to what is broadcast on TV


Hi Melissa,

I like Beatles songs, too.


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