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Guide to getting bargains throughout the year

Store-With Sign That Says Special PricesIt’s January and it’s a famous month for getting lots of items on sale. However, every month of the year usually offers bargains.

Here’s information from DealNews, a website listing bargains, so you can make a plan for saving throughout the year:


Gym memberships, white sales with deals on bedding and towels, winter clothing especially winter coats, fitness equipment, spring travel, holiday décor


Winter apparel, home goods, television sets, non-traditional Valentine’s Day gifts


Chocolate, frozen food, St. Patrick’s Day food, cruises, gift cards, luggage


Spring clothing, early Mother’s Day sales, Easter clearance items, in-season produce


Appliances and kitchen gadgets, mattresses, swimsuits, in-season produce, non-traditional Mother’s Day gifts


Independence day flights, Father’s Day gifts, PC games, spring clothes, lingerie, gym memberships, workout gear, air conditioners, in-season produce


Labor Day flights, summer clothing, outdoor gear, Christmas in July sales, in-season produce, Amazon Prime Day deals


Summer clothing, laptops, school supplies, patio furniture, outdoor toys, early Labor Day sales, in-season produce


Apparel at Labor Day sales, pizza, older iPhones, Columbus Day flight and other flights, in-season produce


New cars, Halloween costumes, European vacations, pizza, in-season produce, plants


Early November: Halloween candy, costumes, and décor; New Year’s Eve flights, back-to-school supplies, baking supplies, winter veggies. Black Friday: laptops, television sets, video games, clothing


Gift cards, video games, holiday décor, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, headphones, clothing, jewelry. After Christmas: lingerie, all toys but particularly video games, holiday décor


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Arnold kern

Thanks for the advice. I also try to plan purchases. But sometimes I meet online something amazing and immediately have a desire to buy

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