If you’ve had problems arranging a funeral, tell the FTC as it looks at changes to its Funeral Rule
Court grants FTC’s request to halt scheme that offered fast government services through hundreds of fake websites

Baby boomer bloggers keep chugging on even in tough times

IMG_4975It’s been a tough week. I had to organize the hundreds of photos I took at the National Women’s History Alliance conference in early January, which meant I lost time writing my book, “Follow the Money: My Life as a Financial Journalist.”

On Sunday, the Super Bowl was so violent, the game itself and the ads, and sexist, the half time show, that I’m trying to get over it before it before I write about the Super Bowl ads. Then, the delay in results for the Democratic winner of the Iowa caucuses disappointed. Next came the state of the union address, which I didn’t watch, but I’ve had to endure dozens of clips on the radio and television. Then, Wednesday, the Senate voted to acquit President Trump.

Can I go to bed and cover up my head?

Meanwhile, my baby boomer blogging friends are writing about:

  • A sailboat trip in the West Indies.
  • The challenges of shopping at IKEA.
  • The pros and cons of cruises.
  • What to do when mobility starts to decline.
  • The one thing you need to do to follow your dreams.
  • How North Carolina isn’t turning out to be warm for a winter vacation.
  • How to view your life with kindsight.

Carol Cassara of Heart•Mind•Soul writes about these articles in the Best of Boomer Blogs #635. Click here to get the links to the articles. And be sure to join in the conversations. Boomer bloggers enjoy hearing from readers.


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