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IMG_6113Friends provide such joy in life. I was really fortunate when I moved to the Seattle area years ago and joined the League of Women Voters. I met a group of wonderful women who have become my good friends. We’ve worked on league projects together – land use, environmental, housing, educational, and children’s issues as well as registering voters. And through the years, we’ve enjoyed and helped each other so much.

Friday, Feb. 14, 2020, was the 100th anniversary of the founding of the National League of Women Voters. To celebrate in the morning, I went to the Washington State Senate to observe the reading of a proclamation honoring the league and its work. In the afternoon, I attended a Gala 100th Birthday Party and High Tea sponsored by the Tacoma-Pierce County League of Women Voters.

It was a great day of celebration and memories.

Meanwhile, our baby boomer bloggers continue writing helpful articles. Topics include:

  • Galentine’s Day, in which women celebrate with their women friends who support them through all of life’s experiences.
  • A new dog that arrived last week.
  • The complicated path a writer was forced to navigate on the way to and after surgery.
  • Where boomers can go for support and useful information.
  • A blog About page that needed to be updated to add new ideas and experiences.
  • Opinions on the Academy Award nominated movies from 2019.
  • A visit to a national historic site, the home of Eleanor Roosevelt in the Hudson Valley.

Rebecca Olkowski of Baby Boomster writes about these articles on the Best of Boomer Blogs #637. Click here to get the links to articles. And be sure to leave comments. Boomer bloggers enjoy hearing from readers.


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