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FTC bans three defendants from selling student debt relief and telemarketing

Student-Typing on a LaptopThree defendants in a student loan debt relief scheme have been ordered to pay millions to resolve Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceived consumers by promising to reduce or eliminate their student loan debt.

A federal court found that Brian Colombana, Impetus Enterprise Inc., and Fig Tree & Co. deceptively marketed student loan debt relief services, tricked consumers into paying illegal upfront fees, and failed to deliver the promised debt relief.

The court entered judgments against the defendants of nearly $11 million. They’re banned from selling debt relief products and services and telemarketing.

In 2019, the FTC obtained permanent injunctions and judgments against the other defendants in the case: Brenda Avitia-Pena, Jimmy Calderon and Capital Sun Investments, and Tuan Duong.


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Arnold kern

the problem is that most of the U.S. population lives in debt. Everyone has credits. But there will be a crisis. We're going to have to grow our debt.

irma may

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