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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Governor Jay Inslee Green Tie Saint Patrick's Day 3-17-20Last week, I looked up when Saint Patrick’s day was so I could write this greeting.

However, with the pandemic crisis, I forgot all about it. I went out yesterday to the credit union and to my local food co-op and Safeway to stock up on more food. When I got home, I followed the Consumer Reports recommendations for washing off my groceries, a time consuming process. Then I wrote about how to do it, also time consuming.

About an hour ago, I saw the governor of Washington state, Jay Inslee, on television wearing a green tie. Strange, I thought. Then, I remembered. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day.

So, I won’t be going out to celebrate, having my annual green drink with a friend, and wearing my green outfit. I’ll be staying home.

I think the governor is doing a good job in this crisis. Since the Seattle area is the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, our governor is leading the nation in what to do. Last week, he closed all the schools in the state. This week, bars, restaurants, and theaters are closed.

The pandemic is going to get much worse before it gets better. Thousands are going to be infected and many more people are going to die. We all need follow directions and take care of ourselves.

My big question for Saint Patrick’s Day is whether I should open my bottle of cava, Spain’s sparkling wine. I’m reducing my alcohol consumption because I’ve written about how alcohol is a carcinogen.

But, I didn’t want to be stuck at home for a month with no alcohol, so I bought several bottles when I went out Monday.

But, I wonder now, how long this is actually going to last. I was thinking the end of May, but others are saying July. Wow. That would be something. It's hard to imagine.


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