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What are you supposed to do about the 2020 Census?

2020 Census Logo White Letters on Black BackgroundI’ve heard a lot about the 2020 Census, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to be carried out. Was someone going to come to my door? Did I need to fill out a form? Was I supposed to do it online? If so, when and how would I go about it?

Thursday it became clear. I received a letter with directions. Submit your information online.

The directions are easy to follow: The website is given and as is a Census ID number to type in.

I was asked about where I lived, if I owned or rented the home, and for my birthdate. For race, they wanted to know, under white, which countries my ancestors came from. I had always been told I was a quarter Irish, a quarter English, and half Czech. However, my 23andMe said something different, so I had to look that up. It said I was a quarter French and German, so I added those countries.

The census also asked how many people lived in the household.

The Census 2020 website says areas less likely to respond online will receive a paper questionnaire with their invitation, but can still choose to respond online.

Filling out the online form was easy.

I did receive a second letter before I filled out the online questionnaire saying if I didn’t enter my information online in a few weeks, I’d be sent a paper questionnaire in the mail.

So, that’s done. Now, back to self-isolation and working on my book on my journalism career.


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