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Baby boomers offer coronavirus pandemic reports

Yard in the Spring Seattle AreaWho could have guessed a few months ago that the world would suddenly be plunged into a pandemic that would require months of staying at home?

I’m doing well. I’m able to pick up an order of groceries weekly from my local food co-op. I’m grateful to be able to get most of the organic foods that I like.

I had some toilet paper and paper towels on hand, then, when I realized I could be staying home for months, I ordered a case of each from the co-op like I usually do.

For the first week, I walked around my neighborhood, but my daughter, who lives in Madrid, suggested I should stay in my yard. Probably a good idea since a man walked up behind me without me noticing when I was walking on a street near my house. I wasn’t wearing a mask.

Now, I’m walking around my house in my wonderful yard, shown above. It takes me a minute to walk around my house, so I’m going around it 20 times.

Speaking of masks, since I have respiratory problems, I had two before the pandemic began here. When I went to the dentist before everything shut down, the dental hygienist gave me six more, three of which I shared with my sister.

By the time I wanted to get more, I thought they’d all disappeared. However, a friend said he’d been able to order some from Amazon, so I tried and I was successful. I’ve shared half of my box with others.

Here are reports from other boomer bloggers:

Six Decades and Counting

In New Jersey, the quarantine goes on … and on … and on. Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting tries to remember what life was like BQ — before quarantine, and in this week’s post compares life BQ and life now, with some humor to lighten the mood. Read about how life changes in “Before Quarantine … and Now.”

Sightings Over Sixty

We're all coping with our stay-at-home orders as best we can. But what is life really like? In “A Day in the Life of a Coronaretiree” Tom Sightings from Sightings Over Sixty reveals an inside look at what actually goes on behind closed doors.


Rebecca Olkowski with BabyBoomster.com moved from her home during the covid-19 crisis and survived. Not something she recommends to anyone right now. It’s challenging for many reasons, but she’s making it work at least temporarily. For details, see “Moving During Covid — Not Recommended But I Survived.”

Unfold and Begin

With so many people currently laid off due to covid-19 and seeing how her article “How to Go Through the Stages of Job Loss” started to take life again, Jennifer Koshak of Unfold And Begin thought she’d update it to address today’s concerns. In this uncertain time, even if you have a job to go back to, there’s still a lot of emotion around being out of work. Koshak saw that people go through the five stages of grief when going through a job loss and shares how to get through each stage with dignity, hope, and prospects for a brighter future.

Musings, Rants & Scribbles

Laurie Stone of Musings, Rants & Scribbles took a vow recently with her family – they’d avoid grocery stores at all costs. Several people in her home are more susceptible to covid-19 than others. No problem, they all thought. They’d been using their supermarket’s home delivery system for years. However, there was one small complication.

A Healing Spirit

The benefits of meditation don’t require a full-out, complicated practice, points out Carol Cassara at A Healing Spirit in her post “Three Easy Meditations You Can Do in Stressful Times.”

These articles make up the Best of Boomer Blogs #646. Thank you for reading our offerings this week, and be sure to join in the conversations. Boomer bloggers love to hear from readers.


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Carol Cassara

All good information ... thanks for putting it together!


All of the posts were so interesting and fun to read. I really enjoyed reading them.


Hi Carol and Rebecca,

Thanks for submitting articles. You're terrific.


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