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State Farm gets an ‘A’ and GEICO a ‘D-‘ on report card of refunds or credits for driving less due to the coronavirus pandemic

Companies that sell more than 82 percent of the auto insurance in the U.S. have announced that they’ll be refunding or crediting drivers more than $6.5 billion over the next two months. The payments are due to the insurers’ savings from fewer auto insurance claims. Read more →

Shoppers want grocery staff to wear masks and have paid sick leave, survey shows

Eighty-four percent of consumers would prefer that grocery store employees wear masks, according to a survey. In addition, 93 percent think it’s important for ensuring shoppers feel safe at the store that grocery retailers offer paid sick leave benefits for employees. Read more →

Tips for delaying mortgage payments in the era of coronavirus

If you’re unable to make your mortgage payments due to the pandemic, you could lose your home to foreclosure. Federal lenders and some private lenders are offering borrowers temporary help, such as stopping or delaying foreclosure or modifying the mortgage. Read more →

Electric receptacles recalled by Pass & Seymour due to burn hazard

Pass & Seymour is recalling about 685,000 commercial-grade tamper resistant duplex electric receptacles. A manufacturing error in the receptacles could lead consumers to incorrectly force the plug into the receptacle, causing the plug blades to overheat, posing a burn risk. Read more →

Facts and figures for Easter 2020

It's a strange year for celebrating Easter Sunday. The pandemic has shut down so much of the U.S. so that the usual Easter activities aren't happening. In addition, about half of Americans say they won't be buying Easter candy, a new outfit, or Easter foods this year. Read more →

Corporate leaders and conservative shock jocks pressure Trump to open the economy soon, report shows

A group of billionaires, corporate executives, and conservative commentators has been urging the rollback of social distancing recommendations, despite health warnings. The group is ignoring the devastating health consequences of its recommendations. Read more →

Stock up on protein foods on your next trip to the grocery store, because some meat processing plants are closing

Around the United States, several meat processing plants are closing because workers are getting the coronavirus. A Tyson Foods pork plant and a National Beef Packing slaughterhouse, both in Iowa, and JBS USA beef plant in Pennsylvania have closed. Read more →