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Genetically engineered and gene edited plants face less oversight under the Trump administration’s USDA

A majority of genetically engineered and gene edited plants now will escape any oversight from the USDA under revised regulations issued recently by the agency. The result is that government regulators and the public will have no idea what products will enter the market. Read more →

Boomers have a low-key beginning of summer this year

On Friday, I advised readers to have a barbecue with people in their household for Memorial Day and skip going out to a restaurant or to the beach. I took my own advice and had a quiet holiday. Since I’m home so much, I’ve spend a lot of time in my yard. Read more →

For the first time in 20 years, AAA won’t make a Memorial Day travel forecast

Gas prices continue to increase with nearly every state’s average increasing by an average of 4 cents. At the start of the Memorial Day work week, the national gas price average is $1.87. The last time it was under $2 a gallon leading into the holiday was in 2003. Read more →

What to buy and not buy at Memorial Day sales 2020

Memorial Day sales have begun, even though stores aren’t operating like they usually do due to the pandemic. Shop online for safety or pick up items you’ve ordered from local retail stores. Many states have opened retail stores, including Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Iowa. Read more →

Nation’s largest subprime auto lender agrees to pay more than $550 million for deceptive auto loan practices

Santander Consumer USA Inc. agreed Tuesday to pay about $550 million or more to consumers nationwide to resolve charges that its subprime lending practices exposed them to high levels of risk with auto loans that had a high likelihood of default. Read more →