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Baby boomers thinking about venturing out, but should they?


Photo: Lawrence Purce

It’s so upsetting to see millions of people out protesting in the streets of America in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Should people be protesting the murder of George Floyd by a police officer? Yes, it’s needed. Should they be protesting in the middle of the pandemic? No.

In Washington state as of June 12, 2020, the 14-day average of covid-19 deaths was seven.

Seven people a day are dying, yet the state is opening up. The public policy is that it’s O.K. for seven people to die a day of covid-19.

In the United States on Sunday, 317 people died.

In this state, people age 65 and older are considered to be in the high-risk category, as are people with underlying health conditions. About half of baby boomers are in this age category. However, baby boomers are going out to dinner, getting their hair cut, and planning vacations.

Don’t be one of those who die. Stay home if you’re in the high-risk group. Health officials are predicting a second wave of covid-19.

Meanwhile, baby boomer bloggers are writing about:

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Tom Sightings from Sightings Over Sixty writes about these articles in the Best of Boomer Blogs #654. Click here to get the links to the articles, and be sure to leave a comment. Boomer bloggers enjoy hearing from readers.


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Very timely topic, thank you. Unfortunately, there is no right answer on how to navigate through the pandemic. Those of use who can stay more isolated are fortunate. I personally believe common sense prevails in most of my decisions now. For example, do I need to go to the mall for a pair socks, No! Do I wear a mask when I go to the grocery store, Yes! I personally see this as a “numbers” exercise, and try my best to limit my interactions with others. I understand we all have choices to make. I have to accept other individuals’ decision to attempt large events, dine out and go to the gym. We have to persevere the best we can and hope to come out the other side. Best of luck.

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