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Be sure to plant a vegetable garden this year

Cold Frame 5-30-20

It’s not too late to plant a great garden and enjoy wonderful organic vegetables throughout the summer and into fall.

In May, I usually go to Madrid and visit my daughter and her family. However, this year, due to covid-19, I’m not traveling.

Deane Rimerman, the forester who helps me with my pruning, offered to build me a cold frame, a cover for my raised-bed garden, so the seeds would sprout sooner and the seedlings would grow faster. See the photo above.

I’m already eating salads from my garden. It’s fabulous because I haven’t been ordering lettuce and greens from my local co-op due to concerns about possible contamination.

Garden 7-13-09 IMG_9106

Early June isn’t too late to plant a garden. It’s when I usually do it when I get back from Spain. This photo is from 2018. As you can see, I had a very healthy, productive garden.

Garden 7-14 IMG_3875

Even if you don’t have a space for a garden, you can grow a lot of vegetables in pots on your patio.

To get some ideas on what to plant in a garden, see my report from 2017 “My Garden Is in Full Production.”

Also see the article “9 Reasons Planting an Awesome Vegetable Garden Can Improve Your Life.”


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Tom at Sightings

Nice ... if only my garden ever looked that good. I used to grow veggies like tomatoes, lettuce, radishes and a few other things. But now I have a brother-in-law who has a greener thumb, a bigger plot, and fortunately a generous heart.

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