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Don’t use Mueller Austria’s onion chopper pro to avoid injury, CPSC and company warn

Onion Chopper by Mueller Stop Using DefectiveThe U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Mueller Austria are urging consumers to immediately stop using some of the company’s onion chopper pros, model #M-700. The versions in question feature a locking tab that needs to be pushed towards the blades to properly lock into place.  

The product’s locking tab can detach from the rest of the unit during use, causing hands and fingers to slide into the blades. About 72,000 affected units were sold to consumers on Mueller Austria’s website and between September 2016 and December 2019. The cost was about $20. 

Mueller Austria introduced a new chopper in December 2019 with a different locking tab configuration. This notice only applies to the older versions of the onion chopper that feature a locking tab which slides toward the blades.

Mueller Austria is currently in the process of negotiating a joint recall with the CPSC. The firm plans to take action to protect consumers and provide a remedy. However, the covid-19 crisis has created delays for Mueller Austria, and it’s uncertain when a remedy will become possible, the CPSC said.

Consumers that have the onion choppers are strongly encouraged to stop using them for their safety. They should check for a future announcement of this recall at



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