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12-7-13 Spain Consuegra Toledo 097For several months now, I’ve been writing a weekly newsletter called “Helpful Money Tips for You.” It offers the latest information on how you can get what you want for your money.

This week, I came across a most helpful tip. It’s to check your rewards cards, especially those related to travel since you might not be traveling now, and see what your balances are and what you can do about rewards.

I checked with one credit card, the one I usually use for airline tickets and travel. I only have about 1,700 points. The credit union redemption center said I’d need 2,500 points to get a $25 gift card. I’ll start using that card for groceries and other purchases to get the cash back. The points don’t expire until March 2022.

On my other card, I have about 36,000 points. That’s the one I’ve been charging my groceries and Amazon purchases on, a lot of Amazon shopping going on during Stay Home, Stay Healthy. It doesn’t have a cash back option. I can get three Visa gift cards for $100, costing 11,000 points each. Or, I can get gift cards for a specific store or Amazon, $350 for 36,000 points.

That’s exciting news. I’ll give some thought on what to spend $300 to $350 on because I’m not traveling to Spain (like in the photo above) and my daughter and her family won’t be coming this time of year to visit from Spain. And we won’t be going to Sacramento to visit my daughter and her family there in July, like we usually do.

So, this is the kind of helpful financial information you can get from my newsletter. Sign up by clicking on this link: Or, fill out the form on the upper right of this page. Thanks. I look forward to getting your feedback.


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ummon ummon

many people have money problems


in my opinion, at this time you can invest your money only in cryptocurrency

gek kar

it seems to me that when trading cryptocurrency it is difficult to make calculations

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