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Freezer Stocked With Pints of RaspberriesMy raspberry patch is producing well this year as it often does. However, my daughter and her family aren’t visiting during the summer like they usually do. The result? I’m the only one eating raspberries, so I’ve frozen 18 pints and one quart of my favorite berries so far.

I began running out of glass pint jars, which I use to store things in, so I thought it would be a good time to clean out my freezer.

What did I find? Some frozen turkey burger, a handful of strawberries, and about a serving of raspberries that were edible. I found a pint of raspberries that were too old and about a dozen other items that also were too old. I also took out five gel packs. No need to pay to keep them frozen when I seldom use them.

So, if you have a freezer that’s part of your refrigerator or an extra refrigerator or freezer in the garage, I recommend cleaning them out. Then you’ll have space for items from your garden or from summer supermarket sales.

Here are the steps for cleaning your freezer from Mississippi State University Extension:

  • Remove all food and ice trays from the freezer.
  • Keep them in a box, ice chest, or close together to keep them cold and prevent thawing.
  • Throw out spoiled or out-of-date foods.
  • Wipe walls, shelves, and drawers with a soft cloth or sponge. Use a baking soda solution not harsh cleaners.
  • Replace food and ice trays.

It’s recommended that you clean your refrigerator every two weeks. A thorough cleaning is defined as emptying out the fridge, cleaning out the interior surfaces, removing the bins and shelves, and washing and drying them.

I’ll get to my refrigerator after I get my income taxes done. I usually just wipe up the spills and wash the bins every now and then.


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