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Artificial Christmas trees are being recalled by Willis Electric due to burn hazard
Consumer Reports, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety team up to offer list of best cars for teens

Baby boomers thinking about elections and safe travel

20200729_183252In Washington state, the primary election is Tuesday. Last week, I voted on the ballot sent to me in the mail, then I took it to the drop box about 10 blocks from my house. I’m a big fan of our state’s vote-by-mail system.

There are a  number of important elections on the primary ballot: selecting a new representative in Congress, retaining our great governor, Jay Inslee; and choosing a new lieutenant governor.

On the county level, we need to vote out two right-wing county commissioners. They ran as Independents and fooled voters.

Meanwhile, my baby boomer blogger friends are writing about:

  • A big worry when a cat didn’t wake up her person, as usual.
  • How day trips are replacing vacation plans.
  • A shift that caused a boomer to wonder if you can really go home again.
  • A recommendation to take a trip to Tempe, Arizona, after seeing a virtual tour.
  • The political hype that continues to escalate as election day nears.
  • Political scandals that have caught the nation’s attention over the years.
  • An analysis of President Trump's four executive orders on prescription drug costs found they’re weak, half measures.

Tom Sightings of Sightings Over Sixty writes about these articles in the Best of Boomer Blogs #661. Click here to get the links to the articles. And, be sure to leave a comment. Boomer bloggers enjoy hearing from readers.


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