Blowers recalled by Intertex due to fire hazard
Today is the 100th anniversary of ratification of the 19th amendment, which guarantees the right for women to vote

Safest Family on the Block: I’ll be featured on Tuesday podcast

I’ll be a guest on the podcast Tuesday at 3 p.m. PT. We’ll be discussing consumer and product safety. Over two decades as a consumer journalist, I’ve written many times about safety in the home, including child safety.

On the safety podcast, we’ll be discussing toddler injuries and deaths from accidental poisonings, furniture and TV tip overs, swimming and other water accidents, window covering cord entrapments, strollers, toys, hot cars, and more.

We’ll also cover recalled consumer products, and the importance of parents being aware of what’s been recalled. Only 10 percent of recalled products are returned or repaired. That means there are lots of dangerous products still in American homes and thrift stores.

Other guests on the Safest Family on the Block podcast for Season 1 will be:

Friday, Aug. 21: Kevin Jarvis on internet and mobile device security

Tuesday, Aug. 25: Jim Alsup on situational awareness

Friday, Aug. 28: Linda Sandersen on how criminals choose their victims

Tuesday, Sept. 1: Tom Callos on full-spectrum safety

Friday, Sept. 4: Steve Mullins on assembling a family first aid kit

The premiere for each podcast comes with a live Q&A with the guest.

You can also watch interviews with previous guests in Season 1 on YouTube:

Justin Shore, paramedic, “Preventing Childhood Injuries,”

John Riddle, black belt instructor, “Make Your Home a Harder Target,”

Alex Bromley, verbal Judo instructor, “Communication in Conflict,”

Karen Letofsky, suicide prevention specialist, “Suicide Signs and Prevention,”

Note: Jason Brick is my book coach.


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