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Baby Boomer get through Labor Day as they have other parts of covid-19 life

Harbor Days a Boat at Budd Inlet 2018

On Labor Day in my community, we usually celebrate Harbor Days. I go to the waterfront and take photos of the boats, people, and booths selling food and typical summer fair items.

This year, in the era of the coronavirus, we had Harbor Days Lite. No tug boat races were held.

People were encouraged to construct Lego tugboats, make a maritime display in their yard, enter a beach photo contest, see tugboat paintings online, go to an art show in the windows of a historic fire station, and watch videos of maritime music.

I didn’t bother to go to the waterfront. I took my own advice from the articles I wrote for Labor Day: Stay close to home for the holiday weekend.

Meanwhile, baby boomers are writing about:

  • Cycling around town on Labor Day weekend.
  • Looking for what’s sale on Labor Day and traveling close to home.
  • Wearing white after Labor Day is bad, the mom of a boomer said.
  • Seeing how liberals and conservatives are getting along.
  • Interviewing Billy Bio, founder of the rock band Biohazard, and two teachers he has partnered with who started a new business selling street-style socks.
  • Remembering a dinner at the sky top restaurant in the North Tower of the World Trade Center before it was destroyed on Sept. 11, 2001.
  • Using a healing journal to get you through hard times.

Jennifer Koshak of Unfold and Begin writes about these articles on The Best of Boomer Blogs #666. Click here to get the links to the articles. And be sure to join in the conversations. Boomer bloggers love to hear from readers.


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