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September 2020

Anthem settles another lawsuit over massive data breach and agrees to pay nearly $40 million

Anthem has agreed to a $39.5 million settlement with 43 attorneys general over its massive 2014 data breach that involved the personal information of 78.8 million Americans. Anthem also agreed to data security and management provisions. Read more →

Most state insurance commissioners fail to prevent windfall profits by auto insurers due to fewer pandemic claims

State insurance commissioners are failing to prevent windfall auto insurer profits as auto claims dropped when driving and auto crashes declined due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Consumer Federation of America and the Center for Economic Justice said. Read more →

As summer ends, bloggers discuss every day happenings and far-reaching ideas

One of the articles in our blogging roundup stands out this week. Tom Sightings of Sightings Over Sixty described how he fell while playing golf. He climbed up onto the tee box, and without thinking about it, stepped onto a wet railroad tie. Read more →

Hongkong Sun Rise Trading is recalling Kobalt cordless electric chainsaws due to laceration hazards

Hongkong Sun Rise Trading is recalling about 150,000 Kobalt 40-volt lithium ion cordless electric chainsaws in the United States and about 1,400 in Canada. The chainsaw can remain in the “on” position, posing a laceration hazard to consumers. Read more →

California gets its own consumer financial protection agency

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill Friday establishing a Department of Financial Protection and Innovation to protect consumers from abusive business practices. He said the federal government is getting out of the financial protection business, but California is leaning in. Read more →

Watch out for free trial offers

Free trial offers can be a trap. After luring you in with “free trials,” a company hits you with surprise charges. In a lawsuit, the FTC alleges that NutraClick, which sold dietary supplements and beauty products, didn't make it clear clear when its free trials ended and the billing began. Read more →

Covid-19 complaints flood FTC, other agencies as cases of coronavirus mount

Consumer coronavirus complaints to the FTC have grown to more than 200,000, with more than $140 million in fraud losses. Since the covid-19 outbreak began, the top complaint categories are online shopping, travel, credit cards, banks and lenders, and credit bureaus. Read more →

Using your power even though we may feel powerless these days

“Mastering others is strength,” wrote Lao Tzu, “mastering yourself is true power.” Tom Sightings refers to this quote as he introduces the articles for our blog roundup this week. Sightings saw an article by someone who was mastering the power in himself. Read more →