Facts and figures for Labor Day 2020
Best wishes on Labor Day

Places to travel for Labor Day 2020? As close to home as possible

Motorhome-Good Way to Travel During Pandemic 5024832_1280Miami, Orlando, New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Seattle, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco.

These are cities that have been on the top of my lists for Labor Day travel in past years. But not this year.

It’s a pandemic. This year’s recommendation is stay close to home, limit non-essential travel, and have a backup plan if your location is already crowded. Only 10 percent of people plan to travel on Labor Day.

One of my friends takes day trips in her area. They go as far as they can without having to take a bathroom break.

You can explore your town’s parks, natural attractions, and outdoor spaces. Make a list and move on to the next one if you drive up and there’s a crowd.

Camping is another idea. Most government campgrounds are probably full, but you can check for private campgrounds nearby.

Some families are taking RV vacations to avoid flying. It may work well.

You may have to stop less often for food or bathroom breaks, but RV travel usually means staying at RV parks overnight and getting gas and supplies at other public places. These stops may put you and those with you in the RV in close contact with others.

Check and see how many cases there are in the cities you’ll be traveling through and to. Find out the requirements in the states and cities you’ll be visiting. Some states are issuing new coronavirus restrictions and others may be lifting some.

If you take an RV trip, make sure you have an adequate supply of masks, disinfectants, and disposable gloves.

For travelers on Labor Day weekend, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends:

Along with wearing a face mask while you're traveling to protect both yourself and those around you, the CDC says to use hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol frequently (or better yet, wash your hands) and carry disinfecting wipes for sanitizing high-touch spots like door handles or your airplane seat and tray table.

If you're driving, consider packing your own food and beverages to limit the number of places you have to stop and the number of people you have to interact with.

If you're flying, keep your mask on for the duration of your flight, sit in a seat that's socially distanced from other passengers if you can, and avoid crowded areas in the airport.

Another idea: participate in a Labor Day celebration virtually. Arrange a party and ask the virtual guests to dress up for the event or coordinate on the appetizers and drinks so you’ll be sharing the same snacks.

In addition, look for activities that have been put online such as the Tumbleweed Music Festival usually held in Richland, Washington. You can also check out history-related organizations and learn about Labor Day history. Or, watch a movie about labor unions such as “Norma Rae.”

Copyright 2020, Rita R. Robison, Consumer and Personal Finance Journalist


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